Frequently Asked Questions

1. LuxeArmour - How does it work?

Have a look at our easy step by step guide here. Don't fret - 6 steps and 60 seconds is all it takes.

2. LuxeSales - Can I view the items in person before purchasing?

For Singapore based customers, you are most welcome to a no obligation physical viewing of the items. For international customers, we are sorry we can't meet you in person but would be happy to send you more photos/videos instead. Just drop us a line at

3. LuxeArmour - How do I care for it?

The LuxeArmour is made from highly durable waterproof nylon. We suggest wiping it down with a baby wipe or damp cloth (soaked in only water). We do not recommend using any soaps or chemicals on the LuxeArmour as it may damage the waterproof coating.

4. LuxeArmour - do you offer wholesale or consignment sales?

We welcome the chance to collaborate and partner with other businesses to spread the word and awareness about our prized products. Please drop us a line at to find out more about wholesale and consignment opportunities.

5. LuxeArmour - will you be making protectors for other handbag models?

Yes that is the plan - no bag unprotected! However, as we are a small team we will initially be focusing on protectors for all Hermes bags, followed then by other brands. So that we can prioritise what we make next, we would love to hear your views on what brands/models we should do next. Please do drop us a line at