Borrower Terms and Conditions

The Luxe Library Pte Ltd (“TLL”,  “we”, “us” or “our”) shall on occasion make available goods for weekly rental through the section titled “The Luxe Library” (the “Rental Section”) on its website at (the “Site”). The terms and conditions below (the “Borrower Terms”) apply to the relationship between a person who rents or borrows goods from the Rental Section of the Site (the “Borrower”) and TLL. The Borrower Terms should be read in conjunction with The Luxe Library’s General Terms and our Privacy Policy which also apply to the relationship between the Borrower and TLL. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the Borrower Terms shall prevail.
By offering to borrow goods through the Rental Section, the Borrower is indicating the Borrower’s acceptance to be bound by the Borrower Terms, the General Terms and Privacy Policy (the “Agreement”).
TLL may modify the Borrower Terms by updating this page or modify, suspend, or discontinue the rental services at any time for any reason. You should visit this page frequently to review the current Borrower Terms.

Only persons who are 18 years and above and are citizens or permanent residents of Singapore for the entire duration of the Rental Period (defined below) are entitled to access or use the rental service. By purchasing a Rental Slot (defined below) you are representing to TLL that you meet these eligibility requirements.
In order to rent any goods on the Site, you need to provide TLL with particulars which include your name, postcode, a valid email address, billing address, delivery address, payment details, photographic identification (NRIC and/or Passport) to confirm your identity, documentation for the purposes of assessing credit risk and a credit card authorisation form to enable us to charge or place a hold on your credit card for any charges due under this Agreement.


TLL shall make available goods, including designer handbags and accessories, for weekly rental through the Rental Section (the “Rental Good(s)”).
Each Rental Good shall be listed in the Rental Section to include the following details:
  • Description of the Rental Good including brand, model, size and condition;
  • The weekly fee that the Borrower pays to borrow/rent the Rental Good (the “Rental Fee”) which is determined at TLL’s sole discretion and is designed to take into account the condition of the item and other factors including, without limitation, the original retail price of the item, the age, style and other relevant market factors.
  • TLL’s estimation, in its sole discretion, of the current replacement value of the Rental Good (the “Library Value”);
  • A pre-authorisation amount, equal to a percentage of the Library Value of the Rental Good, to be held/authorised on the Borrower’s credit card or received by bank transfer prior to the Borrower collecting the Rental Good from TLL (the “Rental Deposit”); and
  • The available period for rental, each period being a maximum duration of 7 days (the “Rental Slot”), commencing on the date the Rental Good is available for collection by or delivery to the Borrower (the “Scheduled Collection Date”) and ending on the date that the Rental Good is required to be returned to TLL (the “Scheduled Return Date”).

The Rental Goods are new or used items which TLL is leasing as agents on behalf of private third party owners. By agreeing to these Borrower Terms you acknowledge that in offering to rent any item we act as agent for a principal.
The display of items and prices on the Site does not constitute an offer on our part and is only an invitation to treat. There will be no Agreement that shall come into existence unless and until TLL accepts the Borrower’s order for an item. The Borrower agrees that TLL may, for reasons that TLL deems fit, reject the offer of the Borrower to rent the item.

Rental Order

  • The Borrower should select/purchase the Rental Slot and pay the Rental Fee through the Rental Section of the Site (the “Rental Order”). The Rental Fee is payable immediately and can be paid by credit card, PayNow or Bank Transfer only. No instalment option is available for Rental Goods.
  • All Rental Orders are subject to TLL’s acceptance. Upon receipt of the Rental Order, we will issue an Order ID and provide you with an email confirmation.  The Borrower agrees that this email is merely a confirmation that TLL has received the offer for placing the order by the Borrower and does not in any manner constitute or deem to constitute an acceptance for the order.
  • Acceptance of the order shall be subject to, amongst other things, the Borrower providing the verification details listed above to TLL’s satisfaction, payment of the Rental Fee and payment of the Rental Deposit.
  • The Borrower agrees and acknowledges that TLL reserves the right in TLL’s absolute discretion to reject or cancel any order that is placed with TLL and/or to withdraw any Rental Goods displayed on the Site at any time and that TLL shall not be liable to pay to the Borrower any payment and/or compensation for such an order other than the amount, if any, which has been paid by the Borrower for placing the order with TLL.
  • In the event an order is cancelled, the funds authorized or charged are released by TLL and are then subject to the rules of your financial institution, in determining the time that you will have the funds back.
  • At least a week before the start of the Rental Slot, we will contact you to confirm the actual collection date at which point you shall authorise a charge on your credit card or effect a bank transfer equal to the Rental Deposit. This Rental Deposit shall be returned, released or cancelled when the Rental Good is returned to TLL, subject to the clauses below on theft, loss, non-return or damages applying.
Payment terms
Unless otherwise stated, all prices or fees quoted are inclusive of applicable goods and services tax.
Borrowers may be subject to validation checks and authorization by issuer of their credit/debit card. TLL accepts no responsibility should your card issuer refuse or hold payment authorization and TLL shall not be liable for any resulting delay or non-delivery.
Collection and Return of Rental Good
  • The Borrower shall collect the Rental Good no earlier than the Scheduled Collection Date and return the Rental Good to TLL no later than the Scheduled Return Date, failing which a late fee of $50 per day will be chargeable for every day (inclusive of weekends and public holidays) beyond the Scheduled Return Date. If the Rental Good is not returned by the 7th calendar day following the Scheduled Return Date, it will be treated as a non-return and Clause 4 shall apply.  
  • The rental period shall commence on the date the Rental Good is collected by/ delivered to the Borrower (the “Actual Collection Date”) and ends on the date the Borrower returns the Rental Good to TLL (the “Actual Return Date”) (the intervening period being the “Rental Period).
  • TLL reserves the right to recall a Rental Good at any point in time and provide you with a replacement of your choice subject to availability.
  • TLL shall offer a free delivery and collection of the Rental Good to/from the Borrower. Once a mutually agreed delivery and collection time has been agreed between the parties, it cannot be changed without incurring delivery fees to the Borrower. 
  • A Rental Good will be considered received by the Borrower when delivered to the delivery address at the scheduled time. If someone else signs for delivery of the Rental Good on the behalf of the Borrower (whether or not they have authority to do so), the Borrower shall be treated as having received the item.
  • Upon delivery, you bear responsibility for the Rental Good. You acknowledge that a secure shipping address is highly recommended. In the event that an un-secure shipping address is provided e.g. office address, TLL does not bear liability for Rental Goods left unattended. Furthermore, you acknowledge that providing anything other than a secure shipping address may result in delivery delays and additional delivery fees for which TLL will not be liable. You will be liable for all such delays and additional delivery fees.
  • A Rental Good is considered returned once it is received by an authorised TLL representative and evidenced by a signed return document.


  • The Borrower accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping and return of the Rental Good to TLL in the same condition as which it was received, failing which Clause 5 may apply.

  • Theft, Loss or Non-Return - In the event that a Rental Good is stolen, lost or has not been returned upon request, TLL will seek to recover the full Library Value of the Rental Good from the Borrower. The Rental Deposit will not be returned to the Borrower and shall be retained by TLL as part settlement of the Library Value. In the event a Rental Good is lost or stolen, a police report must be provided as evidence. The police report must describe the good in detail and include the designer, style name, material and colour. The signatory to the police report must also match against the Borrower’s details including Name and ID number. The Borrower will still be liable for the full Library Value of the Rental Good.
  • All Rental Goods rented from TLL are for the Borrower’s personal use only. It is not permissible for the Rental Good to be made available for sale or be sold while it is in your possession. The Rental Good may also not be utilized by a third party and you will be liable for all damages during the Rental Period.
  • The Rental Good should remain in Singapore during the entire Rental Period.
  • Subleasing the Rental Good for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of the rental service.
  • TLL will not be responsible for any loss of use of the Rental Good due to time taken to resolve any issues relating to condition and/or payments.

TLL will operate on a best effort basis to repair damages arising from fair wear and tear at no additional charges. Rental Goods returned with damages exceeding normal wear and tear will arise in a charge (see section on Charges).
TLL shall take photos of the Rental Good on the Actual Collection Date and on the Actual Return Date as evidence of the Rental Good’s condition on both dates.

Minor Damage - Rental Goods returned with damages exceeding normal wear and tear but which are able to be repaired or restored to original condition, as determined by TLL in its sole discretion, will arise in a charge calculated as follows:

  • For Rental Goods that are Hermes branded – S$500 for each incidence of damage, being the estimated amount needed to engage a TLL approved spa for the repair of the Rental Good. In addition, TLL is entitled to charge a $100 admin fee. TLL shall be entitled to use the Rental Deposit in partial settlement of these charges.
  • For Rental Goods that are non-Hermes branded – you shall be charged the actual cost of repair by a TLL approved spa, the choice of spa to be entirely at our discretion. This amount will be independently assessed by the spa and evidenced by a copy of the invoice. The repair cost shall be charged to your credit card on file with us and in addition we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of up to $500 to compensate for loss of use during the repair period. The estimated spa cost (TLL’s estimation) shall be immediately withheld from your Rental Deposit. When the actual invoice is received, the final amount owing to TLL is calculated and the difference will be charged/refunded to you.

Irreparable Damage - Rental Goods returned with irreparable damages, as determined by TLL in its sole discretion will arise in a charge equal to the Library Value for that Rental Good. Irreparable Damage is damage which in TLL’s view cannot be repaired or restored to original condition by a third party spa. Examples of irreparable damages include but are not limited to, deep scratches/scuffs, dents, watermarks, interior and/or exterior stains. Missing hardware and parts of the Rental Good also constitute irreparable damage to the Rental God. The Rental Deposit shall be retained by TLL as part settlement of the Library Value.

Should there be any damages to the Rental Good during the rental period please contact us at immediately. Any attempt to remove the stain on your own or treat with any chemicals is strictly prohibited and any alterations to the physical appearance of the Rental Good will be deemed as irreparable damage.
During the Rental Period, TLL may request for a picture of the Rental Good to evidence that the Rental Good is still in your possession and in satisfactory condition.

The decision of whether a Rental Good condition constitutes fair wear and tear, Minor Damage or Irreparable Damage shall be at TLL’s sole discretion.


TLL reserves the right to charge all outstanding liabilities arising under this Agreement, including but not limited to Rental Fees, damages, shipping, loss or theft against any payment method for the Borrower on file with us. TLL is entitled to withhold the Rental Deposit in part or full satisfaction of any amounts outstanding by the Borrower to TLL under this Agreement. TLL also reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect amounts due from the Borrower, including but not limited to legal action and/or using third party collection agencies. The Borrower agrees to pay TLL’s costs of collection, including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees. Any attempt to prevent charges is wrongful and will result in immediate termination of the Borrower’s rental service and legal action.