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Let's talk about Weight

Welcome Carbs, Chocolate and Calories. For this is not a place where we bag you about your weight. No, no, far from it, we are here to talk about how much your Hermes bag weighs for you.
Birkin, Kelly, Lindy ... we want every gram of it. Here's our list so far and we plan on continually updating it. Help us add to the list by telling us your bag's weight in the comments box below.
Don't let dollars, inches and centimeters rule your bag purchasing decisions - when it comes to bags weight does matter.
(Note - when it comes to bagowners - the more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap, stay safe, eat cake). 
HERMES (weight is for bag only - excludes key, clochette, shoulder straps)

Birkin 30
Chevre - 745g
Ardennes - 872g
Togo - 860g
Epsom - 780g
Birkin 35 
Togo - 1245g
Ardennes - 1110g
Clemence - 1300g
Chevre - 998g
Kelly 20 (Kelly Mini II)
Chevre - 540g
Kelly 25
Togo - 680g  
Kelly 28
Togo  - 730g
Box - 780g

Clemence - 894g  
Kelly 32
Ardennes - 915g
Togo - 850g
Box - 900g

Lindy 34
Clemence - 1150g

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