Hermes After Care - the case of the Garden Party

Hermes After Care - the case of the Garden Party

Once upon a time, a Hermes Garden Party came along to us for a visit. Her owner was Marie Kondo-ing her handbag collection and tasked us with finding Miss GP a new forever home.

Crafted in exquisite Negonda leather in classic gold. Gorgeous but showing signs of how well loved she was - namely, scuffed and discoloured corners.

A Garden Party is a workhorse of a bag (and so she should be), so this was a common consequence we had seen many times before. We set to work giving her a little spruce before putting her on show for future suitors.

Weapon of choice - the Cadillac Select Premium Leather Cleaner and Lotion. Using a white polishing cloth and a pea sized drop of Premium 
Leather Cleaner, we cleaned each corner with a gentle circular motion. After half an hour of drying time, we returned with the second weapon in our Cadillac arsenal, the Premium Leather Lotion. Very lightly dabbing each corner without too much pressure or rubbing. We reapplied the leather lotion twice more with 12 hour breaks in between.
And the results speak for themselves.   

Smooth moisturised corners with a new lease on life. Quite a remarkable transformation from the tired lady she was before.

Other than Negonda, we've also tried Cadillac on Togo, Clemence and Ardennes with good results. And we hear it works wonders on Louis Vuitton Vachetta too. 

If you're in the market for some handbag after care then definitely give this one a try and and drop us a line to  tell us all about it - we just can't get enough of hand bag after care tips.

Bags of love, The Luxe Library Team

And remember - no unprotected bags on floors :)  

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