Demystifying H

Demystifying H

Stepping into a Hermes boutique is nothing short of a daunting experience. Whether you are a seasoned designer bag aficionado or new to the world of luxury bags, it takes guts. There are not many shops in the world where you can drop $10k on a bag having not even laid eyes let alone touched a real one before. There’s no test driving here – it is Hermes after all.

If you’re taking the first plunge into the wonderful world of Hermes – go vintage/preloved first. Why?

Because it is an educational experience like no other. Togo, Epsom, Chevre, Clemence, Swift, Box – more often than not you can touch, you can smell, you can feel the weight of the leather and see what suits you best. Colours – access to a plethora of colours, which often look wildly different to what you've seen online - feu, poppy, potiron - who knew there could be so many names for orange.

Then when you’ve built up the confidence and equipped with your new found knowledge – step into a boutique, head held up high and let the togo, oops tango commence.

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